Beautiful Mountain property lots ranging from 6 - 17 acres

Large beautiful recreational mountain estate lots that are affordable and just minutes from Utah Valley.
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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we’re all stressed by our jobs and our everyday responsibilities. That stress can do negative things to people and their families, leading to emotional problems and a higher risk of heart disease. It’s important to know when to take a break. At the Soldier Summit Estates, wide open landscapes and lots of wildlife create the perfect space for a serene and relaxing experience. Recreational lots provide beautiful views and open up countless opportunities for exciting outdoor activities. The Soldier Summit Estates make the perfect retreat.

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What is Soldier Summit?

Large beautiful recreational mountain estate lots that are affordable and just minutes from Utah Valley.

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Unique Cove lot within Soldier Summit Estates. This unique lot is a cove nestled into land next to Pine Trees and Quaking Aspens. The western portion of lot has a unique setting next Snowbird Dr where sage and brush are next to other side of Pines tree from the cove. Slight slope to hill slope... both are easy to walk. Water, Power and Phone lines are stubbed to lot. Privacy and open space with this unique and exclusive Soldier Summit Estates Lot. Corner t-post markers are in place. Buyer to verify boundaries and square footage. Land is close to Scofield lake with miles of ATV and Horse trails to the north leading to Strawberry. Listed by: Heritage Partners Real Estate Steve Fritzsche 801.205.5656 [email protected] Listing MLS #1963621


Soldier Summit Estates prime view lot D13. Lot is slight slope western portion of land with a circular gravel driveway. Eastern portion is walkable and slopes down to approximately 10-20 feet from bottom of ravine. Land has mature Quaking Aspens and Pine Tree. Owner has planted roughly 120 Pine trees throughout the Western portion of land. Water is connected to 2 Freezeless Hydrants for year round use. Power and Phone lines are stubbed to lot. Views are of North to North East mountains plus views across top of areas of Soldier Summit. Lot is tagged with Orange tagging tape on trees and corner t-post for your walking property lines. Tagging is approximate boundaries. Buyers are to verify square acreage and footage. Listed by Heritage Partners Real Estate Steve Fritzsche 801.205.5656 [email protected] Listing MLS #1907318


Prime Gated Soldier Summit Estates 10.66 acreage includes completed gravel winding 260 feet up driveway to large pad. Culinary Soldier Summit Well water is installed to Hydrant on Pad. 3 1/2 inch power conduit line is run to pad. Phone line are stubbed to lot. Large rock culvert in place for access to driveway. Lot is 20 minutes to Scofield lake, 10 minutes to Skyline drive and 8 minutes to miles of ATV trails to the North mountain range. Lot is a gradual slope with Pine Trees, Quaking Aspens, Brush. Lot has surveyed corner T-Post and Pegs in place from time development was created. Buyer is advised to obtain an independent survey if you feel its needed. Listed by Heritage Partners Real Estate Seller is Owner and Broker Listed by Heritage Partners Real Estate Steve Fritzsche 801.205.5656 [email protected] Listing MLS #1890416


Horse Property Land within Soldier Summit Estates gated community. Land is slight gradual slope to small hills. Land is easy access located at base of Soldier Summit. One of the pics is a pond that fills up during Spring run off. Great mountain range to the north. Quaking Aspens Northeast portion of land. Boundaries are flagged with orange flagging tape. Water, Power and phone lines stubbed to lot. Owner survey completed year 2022. Buyers are to verify all boundaries and acreage. Listed by Heritage Partners Real Estate Steve Fritzsche 801.205.5656 [email protected] Listing MLS #1848878

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Why Soldier Summit?

Enjoying recreational mountain property truly can feel like heaven. Spending time in the great outdoors as a family, couple, or on your own is a great way to escape from the day-to-day and build lasting memories.

Over the years, recreational property retreats become places of the significant family tradition - where lifestyle priorities are defined, friendships are renewed, and family bonds are strengthened. Places where family legacies are built one delightful visit at a time.

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Soldier Summit is minutes from Provo

Only 45 minutes from Provo, you can set out to your Soldier Summit hideaway every weekend if you'd like! The entire drive is on state highways, and once you turn off, it's a mere stone's throw to your mountain estate on well-maintained, plowed-through-the-winter roads.

Easily-reached, affordable recreational mountain lots for sale, have become scarce in recent years. In most cases, you'll either pay an exorbitant amount for them, or you'll be forced to compromise on a hard-to-get-to, out-of-the-way alternative. Not so at Soldier Summit. Solider Summit Estates is one of the very few recreational property opportunities left that combines substantial value with accessibility to the Wasatch front's metropolitan valleys.

No matter what your particular stage in life, there's never been a better time to consider a soldier summit recreational property investment.

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Regardless of what your primary motives are - be they securing a long-term investment, strengthening family ties, strengthening a sound inheritance plan, or all of the above - Soldier Summit Estates is the perfect place to achieve your objectives. Define your legacy and lifestyle at Soldier Summit Estates. After all, isn't that what recreational property ownership is all about?

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